5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer for a Senior Dog


Having a senior dog in the home can be fantastic for companionship. As your dog gets older, it’s likely that he will need some extra help and care from you. Here are five ways to make your home safer for a senior dog, ensuring they are in a comfortable and risk-free environment.

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Place Rugs on Floor

Older dogs can find it incredibly difficult to maneuver around hard floors. Therefore, to reduce the risk of your dog falling or having an accident, you should consider placing rugs over hard floors. Not only will it help your dog be able to navigate around the home safely, it will also give you peace of mind and ensure they are in no danger.

Provide Ramps

Some senior dogs find it difficult to get up and down stairs, which can cause them to fall as well as putting extra pressure on their joints. A great way to make it much easier for your dog to get around is by installing a ramp. For instance, you may want to fit a ramp at your backdoor which leads to your backyard, helping your dog get out of the home safely when they go to the toilet. You can also place a ramp up to your car or sofa. You may be interested in purchasing a senior dog mobility supplement to help support your dog’s joint flexibility and mobility as they enter the second stage of life.

Remove Obstacles

As your dog ages, his eyesight may begin to deteriorate, which can make it difficult for him to navigate around your home. If you find your dog bumping into things on a frequent basis, it’s important to remove objects that can cause him harm as soon as possible. If you have a coffee table in the center of the living room, consider placing it at the side of the room when not in use so your dog can get around with ease.

Use Pet Gates

If there are rooms in your home that are unsafe for your dog to go in, you may find using a pet gate beneficial. Not only can they be incredibly helpful for keeping your dog protected and safe, but you can also install pet gates around your house to keep your dog confined to an area, preventing him from accessing rooms that are not safe.

Hide Hazardous Items

Dogs are curious creatures who like to explore and mark their territory. If you have toxic household items lying around, your dog may decide to investigate, putting him at risk. For senior dogs, their eyesight may be poor, which can make it harder for them to know to stay away. Therefore, it’s essential that any cleaning products or medications you have are kept safely secured in a cabinet on a high shelf. If you have any toxic plants, ensure that they too are placed on a high windowsill and out of harm’s way.

Once your dog reaches senior age, he may not be able to function like he used to. Therefore, just like with a human being, making modifications around the home can make a huge difference, allowing your dog to live his final years without any problems.

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