Kids And Dogs: Why Are Dogs Good For Kids?


Parents all around the world are always looking for different ways to make their kids’ lives interesting and fun. This may include buying them toy cars and allowing them to play outside with their friends. However, at some point, kids will beg their parents for a pet; often, a dog or a puppy. For many parents, allowing their kids to have a dog seems a bad idea, due to all the commitment, responsibility and financial obligation that come with having a dog. However, did you know that dogs are very beneficial to kids?

They teach them to be responsible

Dogs require a lot of commitment, and getting your kids to understand that will help instil a sense of responsibility in them – as they understand the need to feed, clean and provide water every day for the dog creates that sense of responsibility. It also gives them a sense of satisfaction that is hard to find anywhere else.

They protect your kids

Picture a scenario where you are not always around your kids, maybe you are at work or just out, or even just at home but they are outdoors playing. A dog would most likely be with your kid at all times, and it will always have a watchful eye to protect yourchild at all times – from bullies, intruders or potentially dangerous animals. Additionally, dogs can be trained to detect specific allergens that can be harmful to your kid’s health.

They reduce anxiety

According to scientific research, dogs are believed to help reduce stress in kids. Playing with dogs helps reduce anxiety and increases happiness. Also, during cuddling, dogs help kids produce a hormone called oxytocin that is responsible for improving mood.

Improves the immunity of kids

According to studies, kids who live with dogs are likely to get less sick. Also, they help maintain your kids’ good health. It is known that the best way to maintain a healthy body is through exercise. Dogs love to play, run and chase your kids, thus allowing them to exercise. Since dogs require regular walks from time to time, your kids will have an opportunity to walk too and avoid being obese. Kids who have dogs as pets are less likely to have allergic reactions and asthma.

Promotes emotional development

A dog is responsible and can significantly help to ensure that your kid has proper emotional development. It helps develop self-confidence and self-esteem. While in the company of a dog and while playing with it, a kid feels loved and wanted. A dog can also improve the bond between siblings when they have a dog in common to love.

Develop skills

Allowing your kids to have a pet dog will help and ensure that they develop certain skills, such as the ability to care, creative skills, reading skills, and most importantly, skills to socialise with ease. They will be more responsible and caring towards others as they are learning to be the same with the dog. Additionally, your kids can also interact with other kids who also have dogs during a walk.

All these reasons make a strong case for allowing your kids to have a dog join the family. However, before deciding to purchase a dog, ensure that you know just how much the dog will impact your budget. Greater banks financial guide to own a dog will help you find out how buying a dog for your kids will impact your budget, and how to manage your finances to be able to afford it.

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