Let’s Start the Grooming Session For The Upcoming Dog Show


Waiting for the national dog show of this year? Have you started the grooming session for your dog?

Well, if you have already started, just stop for few moments and go through this. These tips can help you to prepare your dog and simplify your grooming session even if you are not an expert.

Let us first know few basics before grooming. Understanding the breed and what quality to be showed in the dog show of the breed is very important. Being a groomer or an owner, you must know which physical feature need to be focused. Only the skill is not being checked but also the physical features too.

Tools you need for grooming

Also to groom your dog you need some of the basic tools:

  • Spray
  • Slicker brush
  • Shampoo
  • Scissors
  • Pin brush
  • Nail clipper
  • Deshedder
  • Clipper
  • Dryer

All these will help you at different time in the grooming process.

Nutritional requirement before shows

The grooming process should start well before. Even provide your pet with healthy treats to keep him happy and get prepared for the dog show with happiness. A good dog food will ensure the fitness, muscle building, stamina, glowing skin and hairs. But before offering any food, you must research about it. Check for any allergies in your dog from the food. It is better not to change the food brands before the high time of the show.

Physical care for beautiful looks

Besides the nutritional requirement, the daily physical care is also essential. Brushing of the hair, washing with shampoo, blow drying, clipping of nails and keeping away from parasites is very essentials. Also keep in mind, daily exercise or dog walk is essential. Along with the exercise the skills of the dogs should be practiced. This would ensure that the dog develop the stamina and skills at same time. Even this would help them to be in good shape before the show comes.

Let them enjoy the grooming session

Grooming makes them well trained and also beautiful in look. Let them also feel this thing and make them feel happy too. Grooming should not be forcefully done but enjoyed by your dog too. Teach and train him to accept the grooming session.

Dental hygiene is a compulsory one

Never ever skip the dental hygiene of the dog which is a must for every breed in shows. It should be taken care from the beginning to avoid any kind of issues. Even the claws are factors in some breeds.


So trying these things from inception would automatically make your dog the well trained and groomed one. Everyone will be clicking your favorite one. Well, don’t forget to teach him to pose in front of camera too!

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