Should You be Feeding Turkey Based Dog Food To Your Pet


If your dog has not been enjoying its food of late, then it is time to switch over to something new. Our furry friend is much like us. As we get bored of having the same food every day, our pets also feel like changing the taste in their mouth. Can’t blame them really. Can we? So, if your dog has been skipping meals of late, or has been playing around with the food, then it is time for you to take a look into what is the real matter. If you have not tried turkey for your dog yet, then now is a good time for getting turkey based dog food.

Many dog owners are often in two minds about whether to feed their dog something which has turkey in it. Some say that turkey is not a good choice, due to the risk of salmonella or other bacterial contamination. While a section of dog experts are of the opinion that turkey is actually a healthy choice for dogs, and they have enough evidence to support their belief.

Turkey is counted among those good proteins that helps dogs build strong muscles. However, vets also point out that dogs who are allergic to turkeys should be kept well away from it. It is safer to administer turkey in the form of dog food as there are no chances to find any bones in there. Bones as well as if the turkey is fried, then it is better not to give it to your dog. It is best to give turkey based dog food to your dog which consist the lean meat or the ‘white meat.’

There are other benefits of including turkey as one of the key ingredients in dog food. Experts are of the opinion that turkey is full of all good nutrients, and is easy to digest. Hence, it is perfect for those dogs with digestive problems. Turkey meat does not have a lot of calories and is very high in Selenium and Tryptophan. Both these are highly beneficial for the immune system.

When it comes to your dog, who is much like another family member, it is your responsibility to keep them out of harm’s way. We, humans often fall sick after having something wrong in our daily diet, but, we can diagnose the same and get it treated at the earliest. Our pets are unable to voice their problem when they fall sick. That is why it becomes our responsibility more to see to it that they are not eating just anything. Care has to be take properly of their daily diet and the ingredients chosen carefully. A welcome break from the same food is always appreciated. If you see that your pet is not responding well to the current dog food, then choose a different flavor like turkey for example. Before doing so, however, make sure that you read through the benefits and side effects so that no harm comes to your precious pet.

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