8 Reasons Why Cats are Better Pets than Dogs


Not saying that dogs make bad pets by any means. But I just don’t think dogs are for everyone. First of you have to take them for a walk couple of times a day, they require daily training and they are kind of needy animals. If you can’t make up your mind on which pet you should get, listed below you have few reasons why cats are superior pets.

8 Reasons Why Cats are Better Pets than Dogs

  1. Cats Don’t Take Up Much Space

Have you ever tried sharing your bed with Dalmatian, or who are we kidding, even smaller dog like Bichon takes up a lot of space. And you of curse do not want to disturb them while they sleep. So you wake up the next morning feeling like you haven’t seeped at all. Not to mention that dogs need to have enough room to play and exercise to live a happy healthy lives. Cats on the other hand don’t need a lot of space to thrive. As long as you have enough space for their litter boxes, you provide them with essentials, like food and water and a place to sleep; it is guaranteed your kitty will be happy.

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  1. Cats are More Affordable

Since dogs tend to destroy their toys, they need to be made from more solid or more expensive materials, while cat toys are pretty cheap. Another thing that I already mentioned, dogs require frequent walks, two or three times a day, which can be very hard when you have a full-time job. And dog walkers are super expensive. Cats however are happy to spend all day napping, eating and playing with their toys while waiting for you to get back home.

  1. Cats are Content Indoors

Dogs are not animals made for indoor life; they require plenty of walks, lots of exercise and time spent outside to live long, healthy and happy lives. If you don’t have a yard or parks near your area this can be a great issue. And cats are much safer inside, if you have a balcony you can put your kitten outside for a bit, provided that your balcony is cat proof. Cats are perfectly content crawled up on a sunny place at a couch, looking through a window staring at birds or bugs.

  1. Kittens Require Less Work than Puppies

Kittens use litter box instinctively, you may have to show them once, and your job is done. You can leave your cat home alone and be sure that you won’t find pee or poop on your carpet. Puppies are a lot tougher to potty train. You definitely have to arm yourself with time and patience as well as with positive reinforcement.

  1. Cats Keep Insects Away

Cats are natural born hunters. They hunt flies, butterflies, crickets and any other insect that they see. You should never let your Feline eat any of those or a mouse but pest free house is just one of many benefits of owning this amazing creature.

  1. Cleaning Litter Box is Easier than Constant Walks

It literally takes few seconds while walking your dog may seem like fun thing to do when you get your canine, it gets tiring pretty soon. Especially early morning and late night walks.

  1. Cats are the Cleanest Animals

Cats clean themselves couple of times a day and they only require daily brushing, while you need to wash dogs feet after every walk. You also have to take him to the groomer every other month which can be quiet expensive.

  1. Cats Understand Personal Space Concept

Cats are not as needy as dogs. They do not require constant attention or energy on your part, which means that you can enjoy a glass of wine and your favorite TV show after a long work week is done.

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