Caring For Your Horse

Young teenage girl equestrian washing her chestnut horse in shower. Vibrant multicolored summertime outdoors horizontal image.

Owning and caring for an animal can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. If you are considering purchasing a horse or you already have a horse, then it is important to learn and remember basic guidelines for caring for your horse. While many people own horses for different reasons, the rudimentary guidelines are similar across the spectrum.

Feed Properly

Horses are powerful creatures, so they need plenty of food in order to store as much energy as they can. Be sure that your horse has a proper amount of food such as hay, pasture, or chaff. If your horse is used for working conditions, be sure to feed them a little more in order to more fully replenish their energy.

Plenty of Water

A lot of owners sometimes forget the importance of water for their horses. Be sure to always keep clean water available for your horse in a place that is easily accessible. Your best bet would be to provide a small dam with self-filling troughs. Keep in mind that horses could drink up to 12 gallons of water per day!

Adequate Shelter

While horses may not need the same shelter that humans need, they still need a place of repose that they know and trust. This is especially the case if you live in a place that has frequent sun, rain, or snow. Be sure that the shelters are safe and protected, as well as clean from anything hazardous to the horse.

Horse Insurance

Unlike many other animals, horses are a fairly large investment. You may want to consider getting horse insurance to help cover health and loss issues with your horse. Insurance policies can vary, but it is easy to get a horse insurance quote from many locations. Check what you would like to cover for your horse and be sure to check from various providers.

Owning a horse can be great, but they will start to rely on you for all their needs. As you follow these guidelines you will see your horse slowly become part of your family.

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