CBD & Your Cat-Does It Work?


CBD has been in the media lately and on the market for the use of animals. Every CBD site now has an entire section dedicated to CBD oils and pet treats. But what is CBD really and can it really help your animals?

Can CBD help cats?

CBD is known to relieve chronic or severe pain, female problems, headaches, stomachaches, anxiety, sleep problems, hunger, cancer, and skin and hair problems. And while these effects have not been 100% proven by research, and the FDA has just approved research on CBD oil, many people who use them can confirm and attest to their effects. And what the CBD has brought them.

Why CBD is only a complement?

CBD is not considered a drug at the moment, but a supplement. Yet as a simple complement, CBD does things that medicine has never been able to do in the past. CBD is a cannabinoids, a substance that is extracted from hemp and the marijuana plant, and is turned into oil. Many people use it to treat their health problems, even if it’s not yet approved by the FDA. The supplement has yet to be tested in order to prove a real medical effect, for the moment it can only be used as a dietary supplement. A variation of CBD, with endocannabinoid receptors, can be found in the bodies of some animals.

Because of all this CBD has become very popular on the internet and in stores. A very large CBD market is hitting the animal market. The CBD market is huge and will have great potential once the medical trials are over, but for now consumers are testing the CBD supplements on their animals themselves.

Give CBD to animals

There are many cases of people who have given CBD to their cats or dogs, each with its own efficiency. So far they say they use CBD on their cat when they have appetite, fur, skin concerns, to cure kitten diabetes, anxiety, tumors or cancers. Veterinarians are even beginning to recommend the use of CBD on dogs and cats as a natural supplement, to prevent potential problems before they occur.

Cats and food

Cats are known to be picky and difficult when it comes to food. Many cats only eat food in the form of canned foods, others in pieces and others prefer to hunt for food.

The first thing to remember is that cats and dogs are different. Cats are only meat eaters and they need a proper dosage of meat in their diet. If they do not want to eat what you give them, put a few drops of CBD oil in their mouths and put on their food every day. They will end up eating what you give them and will be less difficult. In addition to eating problems you can use CBD on your cats for diabetes problems in kittens.

Diabetes of kittens

CBD can also help kittens who have diabetes. CBD helps insulin production and inflammation. This affects the endocannabinoid in the cats system and helps regulate insulin production, which helps cats who already have diabetes and prevent it from reaching those who do not have it.

Fur and skin

One of the big problems of cats that can be solved by CBD is that of skin and fur. Especially in kittens, which go from the inside to the outside of the house, can have skin and fur problems. These problems can be passed on to your indoor cats and humans. CBD oil helps stop skin and fur problems and its oily texture repels fleas.

Anxiety, cancer, tumors, breathing and belly

Some cats suffer a lot from anxiety.

CBD can help calm these cats. Essentially when used locally and internally, CBD is known to repel tumors and cancers, which are a very common problem in cats, in addition to diabetes. CBD can also help solve breathing and digestive problems. CBD supplements can be of great benefit to cats, as well as humans and dogs. The CBD has extraordinary healing properties that can only do well for your cat.

Real side effects

There are side effects to the use of CBD, if you really have to call them that. CBD is known to cause mild drowsiness and increase appetite. If your cat is already overweight, it is important to stick to his diet when using the CBD, be sure not to give it more just because he wants it. An overweight cat is not in a healthy cat, whether you use CBD as a supplement or as food.

Use CBD oil on you and your cat

If you live in an area where CBD is accepted, then you should start using it on you and your animals.

CBD has so many benefits and so few side effects while bringing you many results. It is incredible that so few people use it while these preventive and caring effects are proven.

Before making a decision regarding the use of CBD on your animals, it is best to talk to your veterinarian and you can get more information on holistapet.com and if this gives you the green light: do not you want your animals to enjoy the same quality of life that you?

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