How to buy a cute collar for your puppy and how fast he will grow out of it


You walk into a puppy store and you find various options available. There exist puppy collars with a broad range of textures shapes, sizes, designs, and width. This is only but a few, the number of choices you can find will amaze you. is such a store. Despite all this, many individuals only get the wrong type of dog collars. The reason is that they overlook the importance of having a dog collar, in the end, they fail to get the right collar for their puppy. In fact, most individuals go to the extent of buying puppy collars that are not sized properly and whose safety raises a number of questions.


The puppy collar is not the same as that of an adult dog. Therefore, when it comes to purchasing you must put that fact into consideration. Since puppies normally grow quick, you must give attention to the type of collar that they use.

To get the right collar for your puppy, consider the following key factors:

  • Buy a collar that fits well

You would not want to spend your money on a puppy collar that does not get enough value of your money. Plus, you would not want to put your puppy at risk because of a bad collar. In this regard, purchase a puppy collar that perfectly fits your puppy. Even though you would want your puppy to grow to be a big dog, first consider the present and ensure that the puppy collar that you get best fits your puppy. An inappropriate puppy collar may fit over the dog’s head, the puppy may chew on it or the collar might even strangle the puppy. Furthermore, a collar too small may cause skin irritation, choke your puppy and may become a hindrance to breathing.

  • Lay the one collar myth to rest

When purchasing a puppy collar, it is almost certain that you will have to purchase another collar in the future. The notion that buying one collar for your puppy to use till it becomes grown is farfetched. It is because not all puppies will fit the same collar that you bought for them when they were still puppies. You should expect that at some point in the dog’s adulthood you will have to buy another collar. Interestingly, some puppies may not fit the same collar that you bought before they even reach adulthood.

  • Find a collar that leaves room for your puppy to grow

It is without a doubt that puppies are cute, and buying a small collar that comprehends their size is everything that dog owners want. However, you should note that puppies grow fast. In fact, some puppies grow exponentially in their first few months. Therefore, you should purchase a collar that suits your puppy for some months. In most cases, some collar may overlap in terms of sizing; finding a bigger collar that fits well is recommended than having a small one that fits well.

  • Size your puppy regularly

Since your puppy grows unpredictably; check his neck every two weeks. Establish the degree in which the neck is growing to readjust your puppy’s collar before purchasing a new one. At any given time, you should be able to slip two fingers underneath your puppy’s collar.


The range of collars includes training, every day and reflective collars. These collars come in different sizes, shapes and colour.

Everyday Collars

Choose a puppy collar which the puppy can wear everyday to guarantee his safety. To this regard, the everyday puppy collar is necessary. In fact, you can affix the collar the puppy’s identification and vaccination tags. The everyday puppy’s collar must remain with it at all times, meaning it should be tough and the first one that is given priority when replacing the puppy collar.

Training Collars

These are designed specifically for training. As much as you would not want to train your puppy, it would be to your advantage if you knew the various training collars available. Examples include, choke chains, shock collars, and pinch collars.  These collars will be of importance when your puppy becomes an adult. Nonetheless, avoid training collars that are controversial.

Safety Collars

Such collars are meant for protection for both you and your puppy. They are mostly used when walking your dog or going into areas that might be unknown. In common cases, safety collars feature reflective lights or flashing lights that are easily identifiable.


Puppies grow out of their collars really fast hence fit is essential when getting one for your puppy. You should ensure that the collar you get for your puppy is not heavy or too light. In simple terms, the width of the collar, with the size must correspond to your puppy’s size.  Avoid collars that may pose a risk to your puppy, such as the embedded collars, which may require medical intervention.

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