How to Care for Horses


The sun is always an ally for the proper development of horses, as well as for humans. However, the strong heat caused by days of intense sunlight can be harmful, so it is essential to redoubled animal care to avoid, for example, intestinal, lung and even heart problems.

According to studies developed by veterinarians, to take good care of the animals in the hottest seasons of the year it is necessary to follow some tips.

Studies reveal water care, which should never be lacking to the horse. In warmer climates, water consumption is always higher and lack of water can cause gastrointestinal problems.

Another important tip is regarding the trough that is placed in the bays. It should always be kept with hay and bulky in general. Now, if the animal becomes less active during hot days, the ideal is to decrease the amount of grain offered. In addition, the breeder should avoid leaving the animals exposed during periods of stronger sun or keep them in hot places.

The tip, in this case, is to put them in open, airy environments, preferably in the early morning and late afternoon.

The horses’ hooves should also receive special care on hot days.

In other cases, as the animal remains unembarrassed for some time, veterinarians recommend removing the horseshoes from the hind limbs. In this way, carefully following the tips of experts, it will be possible to maintain the welfare of animals on hot days and always have them healthy.

Assuring food and shelter

Your horse must have the shelter year round. That means it needs to be dry, safe, comfortable, protect not only from water, wind and snow, but also from heat and insects. Keep your big pet sound and healthy by giving food full of nutrients. Order top quality accessories and food for your horse from, a pet store.

  • If your pet has the average size, it will need about 9 kg of food per day. Mostly, they keep doing pinch and graze all the day rather than eating more specific meals.
  • Shelter can be of any type from a wall, a tent, or a clean, dry area of a barn.
  • You can also put your horse in a farm building. It can cost from $200 to $1000 per month according to the kind of farm building (simple range coating is cheaper). You can do the chores all around the building to cut flooring expenses.

Provide bedding stuff for a more relaxed night sleep

  • Straw is the cheap option. It is also warm and comfortable but may have fungal spores that can sick the horse, so ensure to monitor the health of the horse.
  • With the rubber floors the environment is safer for horses, as well as facilitating the hygiene of the place.

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