Qualities you should consider when finding the Right Dogcare Facility


Dog daycares can be compared to children’s daycare. Both are meant to be safe places to spend the day participating in enriching activities, socializing, learning and taking part in some enriching activities. Overall, the place should exceed the offering available at home. Parents and dog owners have the same goal too; to bring home a happy, healthy and tired daycare attendee. Their concerns are similar too as any injury gives rise to medical bills. Adverse experiences may also instill anxiety and fear in the attendees. This is the reason why you should find the right facility for your dog. Here are some qualities you should consider when finding the right dog care.

  1. Safety

When you hand your dog to a daycare facility, you want to feel confident that your pup is as safe as it is at home. Good dog care should have protocols in place to ensure safety for its attendees. Things to look for include an attentive staff to monitor the pet, high fences to keep dogs within the facility and shade to shield your pet from the sun. A boarding facility should also have a procedure in place to provide your pet with immediate veterinary care in the case of an emergency. Given that boarding facilities are not always hospitable for off-leash interactions, there should be a system to evaluate dogs for temperament and energy levels to ensure that every pet stays safe while they play.

  1. Cleanliness

A good boarding facility should be clean and well supervised. With multiple pets playing together, the place can turn dirty quickly. Things like fleas, puppy warts, and kennel coughs can also spread quickly in a close-knit group of pets. Good quality daycares do their best to clean and disinfect hound playground. Schedule an appointment to visit the facility before settling on daycare for your pet. Establish if excretion is regularly removed and there are fresh water bowls for pets. A good facility should also have staff members on the play area to intervene when necessary.

  1. Adequate Room

Pets need both indoors and outdoors areas to run and play. Visit the potential boarding facility and see if there is an adequate area for your pet to play, opt out of interactions, and socialize in a way that it cannot at home. Continue with your search if the daycare does not provide enough room for your pet to play.

  1. Affectionate Staff

Dogs have different personalities as well as different experiences when growing up. Some may love playing in large groups while others find more fun in solitary. The latter category may be overwhelmed by playing in large packs. You will need an affectionate staff who understands the personality of your pet and treats it accordingly in your absence. Additionally, your pet may feel abandoned when you leave it in the hands of daycare staff. When the staff is affectionate and warm, your pet will feel cared for in return. When you visit a potential facility, observe staffs; interactions with pets to determine if your dog will be in the right hands. These are some of the basics factors to consider when identifying the right daycare facility for your pet.

Daycare facilities may range from extravagantly equipped facilities to downright funky centers. Be selective when choosing the best facility for your pet. Visit facilities, interview staff and let your takeaway impression guide your decision.









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