4 Tips for Adding a Pet to Your Household


Pets quickly become a part of your family in the right situations. Adding a new family member, however, is a serious endeavor. It requires planning and care to ensure a successful transition. Following established procedures and advice can help ease the process and ensure your success.

  1. Understand the Responsibility

Make sure everyone involved in the care of a new pet understands what is expected of them. Pets can teach responsibility to even the youngest children in your home, but you don’t want to overwhelm anyone with a sudden overwhelming and unexpected workload. Assign takes ahead of time to avoid any confusion or resentment. Adjust responsibilities as needed to ensure that everyone is matched to an appropriate pet-related chore.

  1. Budget for Proper Care

Even the smallest pets need routine veterinary care, and its cost can add up quickly. Plan ahead for vaccinations, medications and preventative treatments. Dogs and cats should get protection from fleas and ticks that can cause irritation and illness. Many larger outdoor animals need regular deworming to keep them healthy. Pet insurance can help cover unexpected expenses and emergency care.  It isn’t limited to just household pets, either. If you keep horses, goats or sheep as pets, then you know how expensive a farm call can be. Consider purchasing horse medical insurance as a way to manage some of the larger cows associated with large animal care.

  1. Think About Other Household Pets

If you already have a pet in the house, you will want to consider their personality and preferences when deciding on whether or not to add a furry family member. A cat or dog that has been an only pet for years may struggle with giving up some of your attention. On the other hand, a new friend to play with while you are busy could be just what they need. Once you decide to move forward with another pet, plan the introductions carefully.

  1. Consider Your Schedule

Even if you really want that adorable little puppy, you must think about how much work is involved with caring for her before you take the plunge. If you are working from home right now, will you be able to continue that care once your schedule returns to normal? If you can’t give a hearty yes, then you might want to consider a different animal.

Multi-pet households can work great when you find the right personalities and make an effort to help the animals form a bond. Everyone needs to be on board upfront, though, and clear expectations for behavior should be established.

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