Cat Feeding and its products


When talking about a cat’s diet, it’s not just about the food, but also the food presentation, the surrounding conditions and the physical condition of the animal.

The cat has always been considered a very demanding animal with its diet. He does not eat everything and he is reluctant when it comes to tasting new foods. These statements are partly true, but to explain them, we must go back to their origins.

Meat and nothing but meat

 The cat’s ancestors were strictly carnivorous and spent much of their time hunting. The domestic cat is suitable for this type of diet: its jaw, digestive system and behavior are perfect for hunting. That’s why its main source of food is meat. Today, food brands take this into account and in their best cat products, the main source of protein is of animal origin, be it meat or poultry (veal, chicken), or fish (salmon, tuna).

With the smell of sardines…

 As the song says in Spanish, Mr. Cat has resurrected to the smell of sardines and, although we know it is very unlikely, there is a bit of truth. The cat’s sense of smell is much more sensitive than that of the human and it is this sense that is first awakened in the presence of a food. If the smell is appetizing, a cat can taste a food that can be bland. That’s when taste comes into play. The two senses combine to allow the cat to enjoy the food as a whole. In terms of flavor, cats are insensitive to sweetness and reject everything that is sour and bitter, but they like salty.

Lots of water

 Water is essential for the well-being and good health of the cat. They need clean drinking water regardless of the type of diet they follow and you need to renew the water every day. It is best to use ceramic, crystal or stainless steel containers because the plastic may give the water a bad taste that the cat will not drink. Since cats tend to drink more in hot weather, it is important for the master to monitor the amount of water that the cat ingests each day, because if the amount increases or decreases, it may indicate something abnormal in its organization.

Eating is fun

 If domestic cats lived in the wild, they would spend more than six hours hunting between research, detection, capture and consumption of prey. At home, they have only to go to their bowls and everything is ready; it is therefore imperative to provide them with stimuli so that they do not lose interest in the food. Here are some ideas:

  • Hide food pellets in small cardboard boxes with the lid slightly open so they make an effort to get food.
  • Paste two jars of yoghurt, make a few coin-sized holes and introduce dry food. Thread a string and hang the invention up to the cat. You have to stimulate him so that he pokes his paws and drops the food.

These are just a few ideas. If you take the time to think about it, you will find many ways to have fun with your cat while improving his quality of life.

Why does not my cat eat?

  • Stress and diet do not mix. A move, hospitalization or the loss of a family member can make the cat lose his appetite.
  • Felines also refuse foods that lack certain vitamins and minerals, such as thiamine. So you need to make sure the diet contains the nutrients needed to meet all your needs.
  • Age, health status and sexual activity also affect your appetite. For example, an older cat will be less able to appreciate the flavor of food.
  • The food container cannot be placed anywhere in the house. Cats are very sensitive, both in light and noise. Make sure he eats in a quiet and relaxed environment.
  • Do not place the water container next to the food for the cat to move and look for it as it would under natural conditions. It is also important that each cat has more than one container of water always perfectly clean.

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