Puppy training near me – what you have to know


In order to have your dog trained at home, you should avoid the following training mistakes and your dog should be trained within a week. It will be frustrating when the dog poops in the house or he has an accident, but you should not scream at him. You do not want to give your dog the impression that pooping is wrong. This can lead to additional problems.

The fact is that the in-house training mistakes are actually the mistakes made by the owner in relation to the puppy, not by the dog. In wilderness, dogs poop everywhere, except where you sleep. Therefore, except for the place where he sleeps in, your dog will not know how not to poop it in the house until he will be taught. You should find some dog trainers near me.

The trick is to learn what your own mistakes are and make sure you send the dog the correct message, to teach him that you want him to poop outside and never in the house. You can read in the following some things to avoid in order to make sure that you send the right message to you puppy.

  • Do not sticking the dog’s nose in his own poop – one of the most common mistakes that dog owners can make is to stick the dog’s nose into his mess. By doing this, your dog will think that pooping is a bad thing, not that he is not allowed to do it in the house. If you do this, the chance is that your dog will continue to do it in the house, but he will try to hide it by doing it behind the furniture or other distinct locations. You can also discover, even when he is in the right place to poop, he will not do it in your presence.
  • Correction after the fact – if you have not caught the dog pooping, there is no point in correcting him. Of course, finding a mess in the house is frustrating, but shouting at him, using words like “no”, “bad dog” or “outside,” you will make him confused because he will not understand these words unless they are fact related to the process itself. These words should only be addressed when he is actually doing something wrong and the dog must be taken out immediately to learn what they mean. Once the dog is out, it’s time for him to be praised for doing it in the right place.
  • Sending a wrong message – Just yelling at your dog if he got caught pooping in the house will not be helpful because the message will not be received by the dog. That is because you have not given him an alternative. If you catch him pooping, say “no” and take him out so he can finish. Once finished, praise him. This type of action is the most effective way to strengthen your message.
  • Changing the diet – There will be periods in your dog’s life where his diet needs to be changed. This may be for health reasons, or because the brand or type of food you are using is not available any more. This is good, and it is not compulsory for the dog to remain on the same diet forever. However, you cannot expect results of the dog training done at home during a diet change. Your dog should be on a strict diet, a consistent diet throughout the whole home training process. This will make him have predictable and regular digestion.

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