Simple And Easy Ways To Toilet Train Your Puppy!


One of most common challenges faced by any dog owner is how to get him toilet-trained. Your pet may be a puppy or adult and the right time to start the training is as soon as possible. Well, do expect some accidents to come up. It can be frustrating, especially if doesn’t have any guidance to follow. Just read on to learn more and visit to know all about pets and their needs.

The basic steps to follow:

  • During toilet training, keep your puppy near you at all times and watch attentively. It is always better to use a playpen or the bathroom as a safe den.
  • Keep appropriate rewards for motivation, and the pet is usually most happy to get a treat. You cannot get them motivated simply by praising them or petting them. The treats should be given as reward right away.
  • As repetition and consistency hold the key, take your puppy out every hour. The more the number of occasions, the more the rewards, the more motivated will the pet feel.
  • Be patient and avoid punishment, as punishing your pet after an accident will not get him anywhere. If there are more accidents, keep taking your puppy out more frequently.

Many dog trainers recommend the use of puppy training pads that can be placed on the floor and show your pet to go to the right place. Gradually, one can move those training pads closer to the door. Still, you will need to train the pet on how to use the puppy training pads. The best way out is to start working on his behavior the first time around.

It is observed that puppies need to toilet more frequently than the adult dogs. As they have small bladders and have still not developed the instinct to ‘hold on,’ they relieve themselves just about anywhere. The adult dogs need to go once they are awake and after 15 minutes of eating, drinking and playing. Do not expect your dog to the toilet while outside, unless he has been trained to do so. Some early warning signs of the need to the toilet are circling and sniffing the ground. If you observe your pet closely, it would be easier for you to follow what he needs to do.

During the early stages of training, one can set an alarm clock or a timer that will remind you to take your dog out every one or two hours. Step up the frequency if the accidents are still happening. Repetition is key when toilet training your dog. When training, keep an on him and use a lead or tether to make sure that he stays with you. If he is out of sight, you might miss those early warning signs of the need to go outside.

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