Top 4 Tips New Equestrians Should Know


If you’re new to the exciting field of equestrian sports, you may know all about horses themselves but have questions about the details of the equine sport. Whether you’re an amateur horseback rider for pleasure or are considering a career in the equine field – which can include becoming a breeder, horse trainer or even equine massage therapist – there are a few things every budding equestrian should keep in mind. To learn more about the top four things new equestrians should know to look professional and stay informed about the sport, keep reading.

  1. Dress for Success

For budding equestrians, dressing the part can make all the difference in your comfort and confidence levels. Getting quality riding clothes can not only make you feel more at ease but can also improve your safety by fitting you well and helping you ride with ease. Another plus is that the right outfit can make you look and feel like a professional, giving you a boost of confidence as you start riding!

  1. Establish a Relationship With Your Horse

Riding a horse is very different from, say, getting in a car or on a motorcycle. Since they’re living beings, it’s important to connect with them and start establishing a good relationship from the start. Your horse could be nervous or even scared about meeting you, so try starting small with the horseman’s handshake before mounting. This greeting involves extending your hand and waiting for the horse to touch it with their nose.

  1. Do a Horse Box Safety Evaluation

The horse box, or trailer, is essential to traveling with your horse, so it’s crucial to do regular safety checks before hitting the road. You’ll want to check things like the directional lights, the tires, the lubricant and the security latches.

  1. Learn the Four Gaits

When riding your horse, it’s important to know that they typically have four gaits: walking, cantering, trotting and galloping. Galloping is intense and probably not an option when you’re just starting out, so you may want to consider beginning just by walking. This is a steady, safe gait and can help you get acclimated to your horse without risking your safety.

Equestrian sports are exciting and can form beautiful bonds between riders and their horses. If you’re a budding equestrian, you’ll want to inform yourself about the sport ahead of time to stay safe and maximize your progress. Keep these four things in mind, and you’ll be on your way to riding horseback like a pro before you know it!

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