Understanding the service dog requirement in Texas


Are you wondering how to get a service dog in Texas? According to the Texas laws as well as the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, a blind person or one who is suffering from disabilities such as post-traumatic stress disorder should be accompanied by a psychiatric service dog Texas in public places. The term service animal in Texas refers to as canine that has been specifically equipped or trained to assist people with disability. The service dog in Texas may carry out duties that are directly related to the disability of the person.

Access to public places

When a person is using a service animal, they should not be separated from the canine when using a public facility or even public service. Some of the common places that are considered to be public facilities include motels, hotels, college dorms, educational facilities, restaurants or any other places where there is goof. It is considered to  be a violation of the law to deny a person with a psychiatric service dog texas service or entry.

On top of this, people using the service dog in texas and are using the public means of transport are not supposed to payh any additional fee. There are also laws that forbid people from asking users of service dogs of the animal qualification other than the animal’s qualification. Where there is no apparent disability of a person, the facility’s employees are only allowed to ask the user whether there is a need for a service dog in Texas and the kind of roles that the animals can handle. Where a trainer accompanies a service dog, the canine is usually accorded similar access rights as the trained service dogs that accompany a disabled person.

Medical facilities

Psychiatric service dog Texas are also allowed in the medical clinics, hospital cafeterias, examination rooms and other hospital patient rooms.


Users of service dogs are also usually entitled to an equal or full access to the housing accommodations that have been provided under the state laws/ On top of this, the pet is exempted from any kinds of pet deposits. Any property that comes with a policy of no animals should allow the user of the service dog to enter with their canine. It is illegal to refuse to rent the property to the user of the service dog.

Discrimination penalties

Any person or entity that violates any provision of these laws are guilty of performing a misdemeanor and can be punished with a fine of $300 or a community service of 30 hours. On top of this, violating the provisions is considered to be a violation of the civil liberties of the person. This means that the person can sue for damages.

If an animal is only meant to provide emotional support or comfort, this is not considered to be a service animal. On top of this, any person who uses the service animal with a leash or harnesses that is used for individuals with disabilities so as to represent it as a trained service dog when it is not trained can be found guilty of a misdemeanor. When found guilt, they can be fined $300 or be committed to community service for 30 hours.

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