Use of spirulina, spirulina powder and compacts


Spirulina as a food and nutritional supplement

Spirulina is a good daily companion in terms of nutritional supplementation, enriching nutrition with many important nutrients, increasing energy and vitality.

Spirulina is available on the market in the form of compacts or as a powder. As a dietary supplement for general purposes use compacts, or powder stirred in water, if you have no problems with the intense taste. Recommended amounts are from about 3g to 10g. Depending on what you want to achieve or acheive, there are no limits to the top. Side effects are unknown. If you have health problems, you can talk to your doctor. Bear in mind that spirulina is a food plant like any other; comparable to the broccoli or salad you eat, except that it contains much more nutrients.

Spirulina is very light and easy to digest thanks to its particularly soft cell walls, making it suitable for people with weak digestion and even infants.

Spirulina in the form of powder is particularly suitable for all Verwen-tion purposes, in which compacts are out of the question. For example, in children who can not swallow the compacts. It is ideal for children in small quantities to mix in the chyme, or to stir in juices. It is best to use low-acid juices such as carrots or apple juice.

Spirulina has been recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations as a safe adjunct to child nutrition.

Add spirulina powder to your smoothies, for green power drinks, along with other green plants, herbs, cereal grasses, vegetable juices or fruit. In the case but as low acid fruits, so that the basic effect is not limited.

Spirulina with dog protein powder is also great for dishes: as an addition to sauces, soups, dips, salad dressings, creams or as an ingredient in muesli. You can make yourself green noodles or nocchi with spirulina, make cookies and crackers. There are no limits to the possibilities.

However, when used in the kitchen, keep in mind that heating will destroy many vitamins and enzymes. Therefore, try to work with as little heat as possible (max 50 ° C) or add the powder after cooking.

Spirulina in cosmetics

You can also use the active ingredients and nutrients of Spirulina for the care of your skin. These are z. B. face masks. When mixed with water, apply the paste to the skin and let it work for about 15 to 20 minutes, or until dry. Then rinse well with lukewarm water. For dry skin, a combination with avocado is excellent (a small half well mature avocado for a mask). Or mix some rose hip seed oil (wild rose oil) or jojoba oil.

Your skin benefits from the concentrated valuable ingredients, is refreshed and regenerated. Inflammation and irritation can heal better and faster.

A basic bath of spirulina deacidifies the skin and tissues, helping to cleanse and loosen water retention.

 Spirulina for animals

Spirulin powder has also proven to be an ingredient in dog food, in particular for growing puppies, older animals or health-related weaknesses. Also for cats and horses.

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