What To Do When Your Dog Is Scared


It is safe to say that all animal lovers who own dogs only want the very best for their pups. Feeling the love from a happy dog doesn’t get any better! However, sometimes your dog is scared, and there is nothing you can do about it. Or is there? Here are some ideas to help you do what you can for your scared four-legged best friend.

Get Used To Trips to the Vet

Some dogs get scared when you take them to the vet. It’s no surprise, the vet isn’t fun, it’s a place with needles and strange smells. Getting your dog used to going to fun places similar to the vet could help get it used to these trips. Take your dog to have a spa day at a pet grooming company St. Petersburg every so often. This will get it more used to having strangers handle it in an unfamiliar place.

Comfort Your Dog

When your dog is terrified because of loud noises like thunder, fireworks, or other things, make sure to comfort your dog and let it know you care. Some dogs want to run and hide in a safe place that makes them feel better. Make sure they always have access to this spot. If it is a crate or just a dark place behind the couch, don’t discourage them from hiding. Sometimes it is the only way they can deal with their fear, and no amount of cuddling or swaddling it will make any difference. Let your dog do what it wants to do.

Seek Professional Help

If nothing else works and your dog’s fear becomes a real problem, don’t hesitate to get some professional help. A dog trainer is probably better equipped than you are at dealing with a traumatized dog. They will have suggestions of things to try and may even recommend supplements like CBD oil.

Always be empathetic with your scared dog and remember that it’s a scary world out there for some dogs. Making sure he or she knows you care; that can make all the difference.

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