Why do rabbits make very good pets?


Rabbits are very friendly animals and they like to be pampered and taken care of! They are furry animals and are also high maintenance but they make lovely pets because of their soft and adorable nature. Mostly if you have children at home then you will be glad to see them being playful around the rabbits that you bring home as pets. But there are certain questions like why do rabbits make for such adorable pets or why you must bring home the bunnies as your pets?

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They have a soft and friendly nature– many people argue that they prefer dogs and cats over rabbits because they have a friendlier or softer nature than rabbits. But little do they know that rabbits are very friendly and soft natured. They can be playful with you for the entire day and still not get tired. They are very fond of their owners and thus, it feels good when you get back home and cuddle your rabbits without making them feel awkward. They mingle with you very soon and are not wild in nature. The rabbit breeds like Dutch Rabbit, angora rabbit, Californian rabbits, rex rabbits, English Lop rabbits, etc. are very friendly and soft natured.

Their food habits are not so demanding- your pet rabbits can be made happy with only a bowl of fresh vegetables and fruits along with fresh water. They are not very demanding in terms of food habits but yes you must ensure you provide fresh food and water to them every day as they like it fresh! They do not like to eat stale vegetables or fruits. They also like to gorge on fresh pellets and hay for their daily intake of nutrients.

They like human interaction– there are many types of pets that do not like human interactions. When a human is close they like to drift away or they don’t tend to interact that much with them. But with rabbits, you ought to receive a warm and lovely gesture whenever you try to interact with them. They like human interaction and thus make for lovely pets.

They are clean and odourless– this is one very important reason why rabbits make for good pets. Even if you don’t take them for grooming very often you will still find them to be well-groomed. They clean themselves frequently and remain odourless. Their furs are always brushed by themselves and they do not smell foul.


If you already have rabbits at home you might well know how active and friendly they are! But sometimes they don’t like the cuddles and hugs and become afraid of it. So, you have to be careful around them as to how much cuddling can actually bring them the desired comfort and how much can shoo them away! Rabbits are very small animals and that is one good reason why they make for better pets. They are very fond of their owners and would be very playful around them, mostly in cases of children. No matter whether it is a Flemish Giant Rabbit or a holland lop, you will always find them cute and sociable, just perfect for being your pet. So, if you are still in two minds whether to adopt or bring home a rabbit, you should consider bringing it home without any doubt!

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